Charles Scappaticci scapco at ecentral.com
Sun Nov 1 14:38:05 PST 2009

My .02.  It's ugly and I think they missed the mark.  My personal 
dislike of Honda Motor Corporation aside, I have to agree what were they 
thinking?  The mags keep comparing it to the BMW and Concours 14.  I 
think  it is because the real comparison is with the ZX-14, Hayabusa, 
and BMW K1300S, all of which will out handle it and will leave it in the 
dust based on the horsepower ratings I've seen so far.  Comparing it to 
the Concours, BMW RT and Yamaha FJ is a joke as they are far more 
competent and complete long distance tourers.  Maybe if they use this as 
a basis to replace the ST1300, but I see it as somewhat of a square peg 
in a round hole.

The dual clutch does sound interesting, but OTOH, I ride for the 
experience, man and machine against the roads, weather, etc...  Why do I 
want to sterilize the experience with automatic transmissions, automatic 
clutches, etc..?  Again, my .02 and probably worth .01.

Charles S.

 >That shifting system is intruiging.
>Some folks like Harlies, and some like Yamaha R1's. Some even like the DN-01!
>>    I like it.
>>Regardless of it's functional goodness, this bike is butt-ugly. What were
>>they thinking?
> .

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