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I have'nt seen any veal stock cubes here in the UK. Veal isn't eaten a lot
here now due to animal welfare regulations making it unprofitable for the
farmers. As far as I am aware they do, beef, lamb, Pork, chicken, vegetable
and Fish.


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Something off topic..

Linda let me buy a new/used toy (An '08 SV650!), so I think it would be best
to get her something she wants...

She's looking for OXO Veal bouillon..

When we were in England a few years ago, she bought a bunch of them... 

But we're out of them and she's looking for more!!

I can't seem to find someone in the US who can get them, so I was hoping
that some fellow GPZ rider in the UK would help me out.

Mahalo Plenty!!!


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