2nd last ride of the year

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I love seeing what folks are doing to the V-Rod. I'd like to see the end 
result when he finishes.

The GPz is faster, but the VROD holds it's own and is an easier bike to 
ride. My GPz dyno'd at 113.5 stock and went to 126.6 after a few upgrades so 
it has been a while since I rode a stock GPz. From 5k on the VRod is an 
absolute beast. The thing with the V-Rod is it does accelerate quickly and 
the redline is only 9k so it takes some time and (a quick hand) to keep from 
banging the rev limiter. I love the GPz, but the V-Rod was a nice move for 

I'm hoping to have the V-Rod dyno'd over the winter, we'll see what she does 
if I can get it done.

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> My buddy I cruise with has a v-rod(made his own custom carbon fiber
> bodywork), and he wants a GPZ now that he's seen and ridden mine.  He's
> actually taking a GPZ nose fairing, and modifying it for the v-rod.>>
> I'm curious, how fast is the V-rod compared to the GPZ? Does it accelerate 
> as well?
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