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Talking of V-Rods....

A true tale I wrote a few years ago. Only the name has changed and not
that much...

Toys That Bring Out the Mischief in Us!
Derrick had a neighbour (lets call him Paul) who, with a few other guys,
started a small software company. The company was wildly successful and
attracted a buyer, who made all the founding fathers "comfortable", at
very tender ages (most in their early 30's). Paul moved away from the
small detached house next door and bought a nice 100 acre farm where he
could indulge his hobbies (which include dirt bike riding). He hasn't
ridden his street bike in some years, but he still maintains an
interest. As well as all this, he barely changed in appearance and gives
very little sign that (as he likes to put it) isn't hurting for a

Over the winter, Derrick and Paul took a SCUBA diving course and in the
process, enlarged their circle of friends and acquaintances to include
members of the diving community. One such is a 1/3rd owner of a car
dealership, who in contrast to Paul, never stops talking about his
accomplishments and acquisitions. As well as his 200 foot frontage lot
home, he just acquired a 1/3rd ownership of a Harley Davidson V-Rod
motorcycle (you can guess who owns the other 2/3rd's).

Now, Paul has always really admired the V-Rod and has been talking about
it constantly since it burst onto the scene a year or so ago. When Mr.
One-Third started raving about his One-Third V-Rod, Paul mentioned that
he also liked the machine and would like to own one. This bought a
derisive reply from Mr. One-Third about the possibility of Paul ever
owning any portion of said piece of exotica, let alone, a whole machine.
Paul didn't rise to the bait, but the dismissive reply clearly irked
him, to the extent that he was talking about it in the car on the way up
to the dive site, where he and Derrick where to have their open water
checkout. Derrick, never one to mince words, shot back "If you want one
go and buy one. If I had your money I'd buy it, just to p--- off Mr.

Well, it seems as though Derrick said the right, or the wrong thing
(depending on your point of view). A few days later, Paul wandered into
the Harley Emporium and spied a custom V-Rod, in the process of being
tricked out with all sorts of exotic options and wild paintjob. He was
excited enough to buy it on the spot and it just remains for the company
to finish the customization and take the promotional photos, before Paul
has the opportunity to waltz up to the SCUBA club with his new hardware
and put Mr. One-Third squarely in his place. 

 There was a photo of the V-rod here  
  "I'm pleading to be allowed to attend, as I'd give my "eye teeth" to
capture the reaction on Mr. One-Third's face, through a nice long lens!
I love life. it's so darned interesting.

Arthur Robinson


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Still wondering what "other legal reasons" means ;)

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>> That's soooo funny.  Now I know why my Vrod get's a lot of looks ;-)
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>> There were a lot of Fags out slowing me down and getting in my way
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