NGPZ - 9th of November

Alexander Finger af at
Mon Nov 9 12:28:59 PST 2009
"german of":

1313 – Louis the Bavarian defeats his cousin Frederick I of Austria at
the Battle of Gamelsdorf.
1848 – Robert Blum, a German revolutionary, is executed in Vienna.
1918 – Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany abdicates after the German
Revolution, and Germany is proclaimed a Republic.
1921 – Albert Einstein is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his
work with the photoelectric effect.
1923 – In Munich, Germany, police and government troops crush the Beer
Hall Putsch in Bavaria. The failed coup is the work of the Nazis.
1932 – Riots between conservative and socialist supporters in
Switzerland kill 12 and injure 60.
1938 – Nazi German diplomat Ernst vom Rath dies from the fatal gunshot
wounds of Jewish resistance fighter Herschel Grynszpan, an act which
the Nazis used as an excuse to instigate the 1938 national pogrom,
also known as Kristallnacht.
1989 – Cold War: Fall of the Berlin Wall. Communist-controlled East
Germany opens checkpoints in the Berlin Wall allowing its citizens to
travel to West Germany. People start demolishing the Berlin Wall.
1993 – Stari most, the "old bridge" in Bosnian Mostar built in 1566,
collapses after several days of bombing.
1994 – The chemical element Darmstadtium is discovered.

Was as well the birthday of my grand father.

Today, the wall is down for 20y and to be honest, I'm not sure we made
what we could have made out of it.

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