Like I Have Nothing Better To Do!! No GPZ Content

art.robinson art.robinson at
Fri Nov 13 08:13:01 PST 2009

I needed to check a day/date last year and while holding down the "Page
Up" arrow key I overshot the intended day/date combination. 
Then I started to wonder, "How far back does this calendar really go?"
and so, I kept my finger down on the key.
I flashed by the day of my birth in 1941 and it still kept going. Wow!
Pretty soon I was in the 1800's and felt like I was in H.G. Well's
novel, "The Time Machine" and still I was racing backwards. 
The 1700's roared by and I was wondering whether Microsoft had taken
into account any aberrations in the Julian calendar, if any had happened
in this particular century..
Finally, it stopped. The Date was 1st April 1601. I decided to set up an
appointment for All Fools Day, 1601 and I got the message...
This appointment occurs in the past.
No kidding!!

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