Buell is no more...

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Sun Nov 15 10:26:54 PST 2009

Yes, it's amazing that now that they actually have decent engines in them
and are selling more than ever the finance monkey's pull the plug.  Just
like Indian out in Gilroy, CA when I lived there.  I worked with Eric at
Motorola a long time ago, and visited his first "plant" in Mukwanago, WI a
few times.  I predict he'll change the name of the company as he sold the
trademark to HD when they bought Buell and he'll continue to build small

John in CO

PS:  We looked out here for deals the week it was announced and all
inventory was GONE!  My local HD dealer sold the remaining new Buells for
$0.05 on the list price dollar!

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This is not new news, but I just heard about it last week...


Very sad that such a successful innovator has failed (again).  No thanks
to The Motor Company for piss-poor dealer support and so many years of
antiquated engine technology...

Great deals to be had on remaining inventory, but you'll have to go to HD
for service.

-Rob in VT

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