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Hi john, sorry didn't reply sooner been without wifi all weekend. The  
hid isn't branded, it was from eBay from a guy with very good feedback  
and cost just over £60. There were some cheaper ones but not with such  
good reviews. Have to repeat it's still probably the best £60 I've  
ever spent on that bike. I also have a triumph sprint with twin h4  
halogens but the night riding on that is no better than the single hid.
Best wishes

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On 12 Nov 2009, at 14:41, "John Soliday" <johnsoliday at msn.com> wrote:

> What brand was your HID conversion, sounds pricey.  I have separate  
> bulbs on my Vrod so I could modulate the high beam alone I guess.   
> Will be interesting to look into to though.  I agree about it not  
> working on the HID now that I think of how the HID works...
> John
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> I'm not an expert but i'm prety sure modulators won't work on HID
> because the light comes from an arc that vaporises elements inside the
> gas in the bulb, not a filament. The arc Is regulated by the ballast
> that comes with the kit to keep the light constant rather than
> flickering ( much as in a flourescent tube light ) I think a modulator
> would either stop it completely or the ballast would keep the light
> constant anyway.
> Myself , I would sacrifice the extra daytime visibility gained by the
> modulator for the better night vision. The hid is much more visible by
> day anyway. When I've been on the bike and the wifes been in the car
> she has always said she can tell it's me behind her by the headlight!
> Hope this helps
> Ian
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> On 11 Nov 2009, at 23:05, "John Soliday" <johnsoliday at msn.com> wrote:
>> Can you use a modulator with an HID?  My modulator took a dump and
>> I'm needing to get a modulator for the Vrod as well and might
>> upgrade to both as my vision in the dark has, let us say, diminished
>> with age....
>> John
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>> Hi John, I have an HID conversion on my 95 and it's probably the best
>> purchase I've made! The difference is amazing, it's not so much that
>> it's brighter, it's just so much whiter. The beam spread is superb  
>> and
>> you get no dull patches like you do with a STD bulb. Fairly easy to
>> fit and about £60 off eBay here in the uk. When I first installed I
>> was constantly looking for excuses to go out at night and use my new
>> "laser cannon" . Had it on for over a year now with no problems.
>> Ian in Suffolk
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>> On 11 Nov 2009, at 16:53, john leonard <jlmdx at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>> Can anyone recommend a replacement headlight bulb/kit for the GPZ?
>>> The 92069 stock bulb is a bit on the weak side.
>>> Has anyone picked up an HID kit or PIAA bulb, and do they make that
>>> much of a difference?
>>> Thanks, john
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