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NE China, or what we use to call Manchuria.


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Where is Harbin?  Sounds like my last trip to Thailand ;-)


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pretty? yes!  sell for 4600?  hmmm... kinda think not...
andy b

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> wow, very sweet is right Dave!
> I got to mention that here in Harbin, the bikers are
> amazingly nuts. Most of them only have 125cc
> but these guys ride in the coldest weather, run without
> lights, use the side walks and split lanes
> that begg the removal of ones knee caps. And believe me,
> the lane shifting here is insane because
> the lines are suggestive only. Right on red? Oh hell yes,
> no stop required, just try not to hit a pedestrian.  
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> http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/mcy/1461423053.html


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