Very sweet!

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Thu Nov 19 19:11:05 PST 2009

I actually had a Kawasaki 300cc (or was it 250cc?) triple back in college.
I bought it from an older lady who's husband had owned it.  Once I got it
running I sold it through Walnecks for (at the time) a huge profit.  I
thought I knew it all back then as the RZ350's were the hot stuff...

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Very nice indeed, That gives me a woody.  10 years ago I did
a frame up restoration on a 1973 exactly like this one
except mine was the rare factory metallic purple.  What I
wouldn't do to have that back again.  Mine came out nice,
but this one is nicer.  I also owned a new 1975 H1F (the
500), a 1974 H1 and a 1976 KH-500, all 2-stroke triples. 
Those were the days...

Charles S.


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