Very sweet!

Paul Landry p_landry at
Mon Nov 23 19:03:57 PST 2009


Never intended to be condescending (going for "wise guy" / "smartass"),
sorry..   ;-D
I think these questions / discussions are great..  I learn lots from them or
get reminded of things I had forgotten..
I.e...  Motors running in reverse!..  Missed those video moments!.. 

Paul W. Landry
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Whatever. Geesh, ask a simple question, get lanbasted...

Condescending !?!  Guess we won't even bring up the concept of "big bang"
four strokes then ;-)

Ah..  Love that new technology to explain this stuff..  Moving pictures..
What's next 4 Stroke motors!..  ;-D

Seriously.. I have to remember this site..  I have tried to explain the
differences before, moving pictures just make it too easy!.. 

Paul W. Landry

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