any body need a Kawasaki collector's item?

The Masons masonjs at
Sun Nov 29 06:50:14 PST 2009

Doing a little surfing this morning on KIJIJI.  I found a 1973 Kawasaki G4TR 
100 cc 2 stroke 10 speed Enduro (dual purpose).  It has 2200 miles on it 
appears complete. There were no pictures of left side so I couldn't see the 
exhaust system.  Didn't say if it ran.  Looks like its very near Mike 
Buehrle's near Ottawa.  At $350.00 CDN it doesn't seem like a bad deal. 
Maybe you could get this for you young lad Mike.
 35 years ago (before the ATV) I had the Honda equivalent to this a 90 
Trail.   It was a great bike for hunting Ruffed Grouse.  I had a cut down 20 
gauge shot gun, in a modified scabbord and a pisspot Ski Doo helmet with the 
ear muffs removed (this allowed me to shoulder and aim the shotgun without 
having to remove the helmet as you have to do if you use a dirt bike 
helmet).  With the dual range transfer case and semi automatic transmission 
this bike would crawl through the bush at a walking pace.  The exhaust noist 
did not seem to bother the birds.

Jim  - Cat  (roof rabbit) -- the other white meat 

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