cell phones

schnowz schnowz at att.net
Mon Nov 30 16:30:03 PST 2009

"The local news did a story about some ladies trying to give up the phone 
while driving for 1 week.
Most failed."   Only most? I would think they all would have failed - it's in the DNA ;-)
  In CT all they get is a warning for the 1st offence and most are ignored by the cops - though I think the tide is turning. I'm starting to hear more TV coverage of the dangers of driving while texting etc.
   I think the lister who said confiscate their phone has it right. + Ban them from a cell phone for 10 years like they are supposed to do with Felons and guns.
  Those that ignore the ban should be placed in stocks on the village Green and pelted with cell phones..


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