NGPZ: Testvideo

Jonathon annihilator1100 at
Mon Oct 5 15:30:37 PDT 2009

Where was this footage taken?

Who does the music? The intro sounds like a highly techno'd version of a Joe 
Satriani song.

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> Nice looking video, I need to get my bulky old thing out and see if it's 
> still worth using or bit the bullet and just get one of those really small 
> ones they make now...
>> Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 20:42:53 +0200
>> Subject: NGPZ: Testvideo
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>> Hey,
>> I bought a small video camera and put it in the front of the car.
>> A test, but I like the outcome ;-)
>> (especially that the music changes accidentially at the right time)
>> Alex

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