cold start problem

schnowz schnowz at
Wed Oct 14 17:52:23 PDT 2009

 If it is the carbs,try using Techron - run it and let it sit in the Carbs for a few days to soften up the shit - try using the choke longer than normal to get it thru all the carb passageways. Could even try pulling the choke on when blasting down the highway give it full throttle and then close it quick to let the rear wheel drive the engine and create a high vacum.. 
  Also make sure the plugs are clean and set on the minimum gap..
 It was 32F this morning and mine takes maybe 2 to 4 mins before I can get underway and all cylinders come in strong. More in colder weather - when it gets in the teens it can be a bitch. Carb's have never been manually cleaned since I've had it..probably overdue but it runs pretty smooth when warm.
    Pete S

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