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Paul Landry p_landry at
Thu Oct 22 18:06:38 PDT 2009

Hey Paul..

Sorry to hear that you GPz has sung its last song..
Could you expand on the crack in the swing arm..  That is not a normal wear
item I would think to look for.  Was it at the front pivot, the rear axle,

DL Suzuki is a good choice.  I have known a few to have bought them.  All
have at a minimum been pleased with it, others thrilled.  None were ever
disappointed.  Many like you said farkled it to suit the intended use,
mostly just bolt on parts, no serious mods.

I have been looking too..  Funny, all the models you have considered have
been on my list too.  But, I did not like the Multistrada.  Loved the
handling, motor was pretty entertaining too, but the gearing was way to tall
for my riding.  I would hardly ever have the chance to use the top to cogs.

Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at

From: Paul S. Elsberry
Subject: New bike

Hey guys,

I am looking at getting a 2003 Suzuki DL1000 next week - I know that
somebody on here made the switch also, any info.
I haven't test ridden one for very long but like thhe riding position and
the torque of the engine, for te short ride that I took.
Handling was pretty good with the stock tires and could be made even better
with some aftermarket pieces.

Price and the ability to do most maintainence myself, had me looking used,
and I looked at FZ-1, Multistrada (loved it but not the price), Tiger 1050,
and the Bandit 1250 - but in the end the value and features of the V-Strom
won out.
So next week it will be off to pick it up, with a 2hr ride home to get used
to it As for the GPZ, it has a crack in the swingarm and it looks like time
to put her down.

I noticed last week that it was handling weird, and had a friend of mine try
to help me with the suspension and that is when we found the crack and to be
honest, I just can't see putting another band-aid on it.

Paul in MD

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