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David Spaulding spauldingd at
Wed Oct 28 06:08:54 PDT 2009

Its easy enough to make the change, so why not switch it over and test it 
for a month or so and see what everyone thinks. I made the change just now, 
so if you simply REPLY to this message, it will go to ALL the members of the 
list.  If you want to send a private reply, you will need to do a little 

There are some per-user settings that you can make on your personal 
subscription that can reduce getting "duplicates" of message that you send 
or reply to.  You can make those changes here:

Dave in Des Moines

From: "William K Denton" <wkdenton at>
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 1:17 PM
To: "GPz List" <gpzlist at>
Subject: list settings

> I know that this has come up before, but I wonder how much more active the 
> list would be if the default setting was set to go back to 
> gpzlist at when hitting "reply", as opposed to back to sender 
> only, which is the way it's set up now.  I have a feeling that a 
> significant percentage of replies on "gpzlist" are going solely back to 
> sender because of this, which is a string killer.  I think one of the 
> pleasures of being on a list like this is to be able to see everyone's 
> replies to a string, not just the ones that come from folks who remember 
> to hit "reply all" and then trim the sender's addy from the list of 
> recipients to avoid duplicate messaging.  Bit of a pain.
> I've been listowner of yam650 at for 11 years now, and this is 
> the way we have it set up over there [reply = back to list] with great 
> success. Just a suggestion to perhaps revitalize a list that's seen a 
> steady decline in postings over the years.  Thanks for listening.
> Bill in Yardley, PA
> wkdenton at
> PAMSP RiderCoach

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