Request for GPz tool

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Thu Oct 29 10:14:51 PDT 2009

Try NAPA. Inexpensive.

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Subject: Request for GPz tool

> Hi:
> Do any of you have an extra GPz spark plug socket they would like to sell?
> I decided to change the plugs in my '05 Toyota Tacoma yesterday.  The 
> dealership wanted $150.00 for this job which included the plugs.  I bought 
> 6 plugs for $40.00. I found the plugs are recessed in the head as the GPz 
> (like down a f&@#%ng well).  The plugs are 18 mm as none of the plug 
> sockets I had (5/8", 11/16", 3/4", 13/16" and 1.25" --1966 rotax skidoo 
> engine) would fit.  My 18 mm plug sockets are at the cottage with the 
> Honda XLs.  I did get the 5/8" to slide over the plug but the rubber 
> inside fastened on tight enough that the plug socket stayed with the plug 
> when the extensions came out.  I had to retrieve it with a pair of long 
> duck billed pliers.
> Another cold wet day.  I was hoping to get in another 1000 km of riding 
> before the onset of hibernation but it doesn't look like its going to 
> happen.
> Jim

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