Ninja 250

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I think I could import one of these to china....hmmm

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  I just bought my son a 2003. It had a piece missing out of the front fairing and a broken mirror and bald front tire. I think the forks are a little tweaked but they don't leak and doesn't seem to effect the handling. $650.
Already got a mirror off Ebay and mounted a front tire today-  $53 for the tire.
   What I like about it is I can move it around the garage like it's a bycyle and one of the few bikes I can flat foot with low seat height.. the downside is your knees are more bent up when riding.
  It really is a neat toy to play on though..Starts 1st time every time and decent lighting. I had been looking at old GS500's but this thing is even better to learn on..and some of the brakes and lights on the 70's and 80's bikes suckkkkk.
 Took the day off and we went for a ride today.. perfect if only I was retired..
<<How is that 250 Ninja?  I noticed a 2007 in the local Penny pincher for 
$1000.00.  It had been in an accident.  It needs forks and left side 
plastic.  Might be something I could redo as a winter project and either 
have some fun riding it or make a few $ on it next spring.>>


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