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Have fun, Ralph.  Tell your group to watch for gravelly corners on those
sweet ADK twisties...  There's lots of it out there (or there was last
weekend).  Also, remember how poorly marked the sharp corners are, and
make sure your buddy with diabetes has what he needs to ride safe!

I remember my last outing with the LIME group a few years ago...  A
diabetic guy was feeling ill in the middle of nowhere with no remedies at
hand and YZF600R-guy crashed in a sharper-than-expected left-hander 'cause
he was riding too fast on a road he didn't know.

Be careful out there...

PS - Have fun with the Jeep, Michael!

> Damn...wish I could be there for this one but the GPZ won't pass
> inspection with the tires in this condition, and funds are tight due to
> furlough (12% pay cut) and an offraod event I'm going to in Phoenix on Oct
> 3rd.
> so..you guys have fun  and take lots of pics!
> Michael in Holley
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> This weekend will be the LIME Longriders end of summer no bummer rally at
> the exit 19 Ramada in Glens falls, NY We'll be doing a ride on Sunday with
> the return trip home on Monday  rooms are $84 a night  when you mention
> LimeLongriders  call
> 518-793-7701 This is the exit 19 Ramada right off the Northway.
> Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
> Author of "Help! they're all out to get me!
> The motorcyclists guide to surviving the everyday world."
> ISBN# 1-4137-6187-9
> http://helptheyreallouttogetme.com
> Check out
> LIMELongriders NEW site;
> http://LIMELongriders.info

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