Mr. Fix-it

scapco at scapco at
Tue Sep 15 08:33:00 PDT 2009

Seems like the past couple of months since I moved back in 
with my ex that all I do is fix shit.  Fix the dishwasher 
door, fix the camper, fix the mower, fix the refrigerator 
twice, fix my daughters car, fix the sprinkler, etc...  
Hire someone smarter than me to replace the blown main 
breaker box (ouch).  Mason, you own three cottages and a 
house so you know how I feel.  

Soooooo... last night I have to mow the lawn and look in 
the mower and no gas.  Even better, my oldest drained my 
gas can into her car so it's dry as well.  Ok, I've got 
three bikes that use gas so I decided to drain some from 
the Geeper.  The moment I took the hose off it's pissing on 
me which means I've got the dreaded petcock failure 
syndrome, LOL!  And, another damn thing to fix.  I drained 
enought gas to fill the mower and stuffed a bolt into the 
gas line to plug it off.  I bumped the starter and it 
turned freely to no gas got by the carbs so it's cool until 
I can either rebuild the petcock or replace it.

I guess this was actually a blessing in disguise so I'll 
use the opotrunity to remind everyone to pull their gas 
line once in a while to check it out.  It might save your 


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