Suzuki Bandit Sport Tourer

Paul E. pselsberry at
Tue Sep 15 17:32:57 PDT 2009

Looks pretty good - the only problem is the motor, rated at under 100 hp.
After test riding the Bandit 1250 this summer the motor was ok, just didn't impress me.
Add in the old style frame with its slow handling and I was dissappointed compared to the FZ1 not to mention the C14 and the FJR.
I am looking as my GPZ is pretty tired these days and the Bandit is on the screen for the value, but I feel like I would be just getting an updated GPZ1100, when I may be looking for something different

Paul in MD 

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Here is an interesting article from 
(England) about a new 1250 Bandit based sport tourer.  Not 
sure if it's coming here, but it does look interesting.  
Looks like our Geepers were about 15 years ahead of the 

Charles S.

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