Suzuki Bandit Sport Tourer

Paul Landry p_landry at
Tue Sep 15 19:58:22 PDT 2009

We have had this Suzuki (well almost, not the same model designation) in
Canada for at least one if not 2 model years..

I like the look of the European body work much better though. 

As was mentioned.. As much as I like the 1250 it is very much just a
replacement for the GPz..  I am leaning towards something different next
time, but being so spoiled by the GPz, it is not easy.. 
Looking at the other choices so far, while really nice bikes, impressive
power, etc. they are all getting bigger and bigger (i.e. Concourse, ZX14 for
example).  I know the weight is carried low, handles great, etc.  It is
still a big bike to manoeuvre in the confines of the garage and store for
the winter..

What I really need is to buy a winning lottery ticket...   ;-D
Paul W. Landry
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Here is an interesting article from
(England) about a new 1250 Bandit based sport tourer.  Not sure if it's
coming here, but it does look interesting.  
Looks like our Geepers were about 15 years ahead of the curve.

Charles S.

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