flip screens

Kevin Hollis kh at bluefx.com
Thu Sep 17 16:00:40 PDT 2009

John Soliday wrote:
> Guess I'm lucky as the stock shield works fine for me and I'm 5, 7".  I had
> to get an aftermarket shield for my ZX10 (long gone, bought GPZ and sold
> '88ZX10) and my Vrod.....
I'm being fussy because I commute on it every day and it's a manageable 
noise with the turbulence hitting be in the chest. But it's really nice 
to be in the quiet air behind the fairing, even more so with the 
powerbronze since I don't have to lie on the tank. And when winter comes 
in that'll be even nicer. However, I need to get rid of the noise when 
I'm sat up, the powerbronze was actually painful, even with earplugs.

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