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Fri Sep 18 09:58:52 PDT 2009

I have been using the MRA Touring Screen for many years now:


It does increase wind noise in the helmet compared to the stock wind 
screen, but it also takes a lot of wind pressure away from the chest and 
shoulders. I (almost) always use earplugs anyway, so for me the 
advantages way override the noise problem.

Some German riders I know use this:


- but from what I hear it's not really that good and there is still wind 
noise in the helmet. I guess there is not an easy solution for our 
bikes. One of the German riders (short guy) had his seat modified, so 
yes - it is possible to sit a bit lower. This, however, would result in 
more bent knees, and I know for sure that my knees wouldn't like that :-)

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Kevin Hollis skrev:
> Hmmmm, lots of negative responses :-(
> One positive from someone with the MRA Vario Touring Screen. Anyone 
> else tried it ? (They're £90 gulp.)
> Also, I'm  5' 10".
> Since I've got the Powerbronze I may try and add a 'Vario' of my own 
> and see if I can get the air flow up a bit more.
> Alternatively, does anyone make a lower seat with a few inches shaved 
> off ?
> Kevin

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