Blue left lower

Stephen Hampson shampson at
Sat Sep 19 04:52:15 PDT 2009

I've been after a blue left lower and upper cowl since I got the bike over 3
years ago and inherited the previous owners misdemeanours. Neither seem to
come up very often, when they do they fetch good money. The one on ebay from
Corby Kawasaki is a right lower. I bought one from them on ebay 2 years ago
for £85, they may accept an offer as its been on ebay over 2 months now,
however they don’t have any left ones.


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Speaking of fairings, anyone in the UK got a blue lower left that they want
to part with let me know. I had my second accident in20 years last week and
bounced off the back corner of a van :-( I noticed the one on ebay at £125.
Not sure what they are new but at that price I'll stick with gaffa.


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