Late summer tar run day 2 - VT, MA, NY

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Mr. Mason,

What a great litany of your travels.? Hey Rob and Michelle!? I think the Lister 'kinship' is just outstanding.? From Honolulu to Ontario, Europe and Australia - (I hope to see someone from Africa one day!) - and all points in between - you folks are just great!? Robbo and Linda this means you!? Remember the evening in the rainstorm when I lost Peter's seat in that?pothole???Managing to do a U-turn whilst up on the pegs in a downpour was tricky!? LOL!? Point being that we've all had some great experiences all around, and?I for one, hope we can keep it going as long as possible.? I'm hoping to depart in a week for my little excursion up and around CA.? I'll report when I return...? (hopefully with an equal eloquence as you Marilyn, sir (!)

Ron Jordan

Altadena, CA? Hurrah!? No more fire!

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Wednesday I awoke at the excellent B&B provided by Rob & Michelle.?
Rob whipped up breakfast--some excellent scambled eggs with some fabulous toasted cheese bread. I'll have to get a recipe for that.?
We got away about 9:30 hr heading south. I think I'll either have to release the grip on sonme of my brass or ask St. Nick for a GPS. I was impressed with the one Rob was using as he navigated the back back roads of VT. We stopped in the pretty little college town of Middlebury at the Frog Hollow Mill. I took a few pictures of the mill race (falls) and mill and we continued south. We passed through the marble town (sorry but I can't remember the name) where all the major village buildings were either built of white marble or clad in it. The fire hall was sheeted in polished marble and was a work of art. We ran on every type of paved road the state of VT has to offer from State roads, county roads, township roads to back back roads.?
My impression of a VT back back road--if you cut a cross section through it, it will resemble a pair of Ws--WW with the points and gullies rounded. If you want to pass a vehicle ahead of you it is very similar to riding behind a boat and having to get through/over its wake passing it.?
We travelled together to Manchester about 30 km (20 miles) north of the Massachusetts border. Here we gassed up and parted ways. Rob headed home and I headed south into MA.?
Now I had to rely on maps. I got into on # 8 a very nice twisty road. I did notice that I was getting a little more paranoid every time I saw some official vehicle with a flashing light. I made it to Otis MA and was having heart pallipitations being startled by a maill delivery vehicle with its light flashing. I knew my wife was worrying about my expired licence and decided this was far enough and I'd better head home while my luck held out.?
I heaaded west to -you guesssed it West Otis then north on a nice windy piece of tarmack until I found # 7 north. I took this though Pittsfield to #2 in the MA NE corner. Don't miss this boys and girls as it is a fabulous little run--as good or better than the dragon. I headed west up and over the mountain into NY to #22. I took 22 north ( a recommended scenic drive) through a lot of old tourist towns that have seen better days and mediocre farm land but pretty all the same.?
I turned east onto NY 149 a nice bit of wavy pavement and took it to Glen Falls and north to Warrensburg where I got a room at a hotel. I asked the girl at the counter if there was a restaurant nearby and she said that it was over 1/2 a mile away. I put my gear away, had a shower and walked the 1/2 mile. I'd been 10 hours in the saddle and the walk was great.?
Jim ?

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