layers of security personnel in the USA

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Interesting you ask, I just started my 3rd year into a CJ/CSI degree and 
have been looking for work.
The 4 branches are military, and fall under the Posse Comitatus Act.
But there is the Coast Guard (falls under Dept. of Transportation), DOD, 
DCIS, NSA, CIA, FBI. Many Federal agencies have federal LEO., Hoover Dam, US 
Capitol, etc. Then there is ICE, BLM, BIA, Marshalls, BATF, and so many 
more. State agencies all have their own Hwy Patrol/ State Police, DNR, 
Forest Service.
Don't forget local city and county, and lastly the prison guards and 
correctional facility personell.

"I was burdened greatly by the deaths of those around me. But incorporating 
their suffering into our own lives does not change the way of the world."
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> Forgot the Coast Guard.
> Charles S.
>> ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms)
>>After seeing the border patrol guys in the Aderondacks I
>>started running the # of security/law enforcement layers
>>there are in the country. You've got the army. navy,
>>airforce, marines, border patrol, coast guard, state
>>police, county sheriffs, village police,city police, FBI,
>>CIA, secret service, maybe some other band of spooks.
>>How many did I miss?
>>Just curious.

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