Friggin Petcock

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Speaking of Petcocks...I Decided to give mine a twist up to reserve today. Keep the gunk from settling in there etc....Started leaking like an incontinent racehorse. Any ideas? O-rings inside? Is it able to be cracked open or is it permanently sealed. How much was the one over at dennis kirk?
I'd look myself but I'm lazy. Oh and my computer blew up...using my brothers until he comes home.
Fortunately the main tank setting is working fine....I am so anxious and sad that the season here is coming to an end...Will be replacing many items this winter and am trying to keep this baby original. Can't wait for the spring when she's tuned.
Thanks.    John from Ohio

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It's funny I bought a new petcock from Ron Ayers a few weeks ago, and haven't installed it yet.  Just got back from Lake George and Vermont this afternoon. GPZ ran fine. All good.

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