Friggin Petcock

scapco at scapco at
Tue Sep 22 17:25:29 PDT 2009


There are two o-rings in the petcock that can go bad and are
replaceable, but the diaphram is not replaceable.  You can
replace the rubber parts (maybe $10 bucks) and it should be
fine.  I've done this to mine before, but decided to buy a
new one due to age.  Bike Bandit wanted $77 including shipping.

Charles S.

>Speaking of Petcocks...I Decided to give mine a twist up 
>to reserve today. Keep the gunk from settling in there
>etc....Started leaking like an incontinent racehorse. Any
>ideas? O-rings inside? Is it able to be cracked open or 
>is it permanently sealed. How much was the one over at
dennis kirk?

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