Ventura Fitment

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Sat Sep 26 15:41:48 PDT 2009

If that is my Ventura rack it will  fit with a Corbin seat and a Corbin back 
rest attached, along with 3 GIVI TV cases.
What Summer ??-  was the last 5 weeks here is eastern ON???  We did get 10 
weeks of cold monsoon just prior to it.  I may have lost some cottage 
renters due to the weather. I burned more fuel in my lawn mowers than either 
my bikes or my boats.

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> Does anyone know if the Ventura rack will work with a Corbin
> seat and backrest?  I know the Ventura rack will work with
> the European OEM bags, but I want to know if it will work
> with the Corbin back rest as well.  I'm planning on a long
> trip next summer, I'm just not sure if I'm heading northwest
> or northeast yet, but it possible my ex might come along.
> Either way, inquiring minds want to know.
> Got my new petcock installed today and removed the bag
> mounts for winter.  I'm not looking forward to the cold this
> year as it seems summer went by in the blink of an eye.
> Charles S.
> 95
> GPZ1100

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