Ventura Fitment

scapco at scapco at
Sat Sep 26 17:21:35 PDT 2009

Jim, I'd agree with you on summer.  This one seemed to just
never happen as it never got hot.  We had the same monsoons
this spring you did, plus I just never seem to get the time
lately.  Hopefully I can get some time in at the motocross
track this fall and winter, I hate not riding my bikes.

It is your old rack, so that confirms what my eyeball told
me.  I got the bag for it so it will work like a top bag for me.

Charles S.

> Charles:
> If that is my Ventura rack it will  fit with a Corbin seat
> and a Corbin back rest attached, along with 3 GIVI TV cases.
> What Summer ??- was the last 5 weeks here is eastern ON???
 > We did get 10 weeks of cold monsoon just prior to it.  I 
> may have lost some cottage renters due to the weather. I
> burned more fuel in my lawn mowers than either 
> my bikes or my boats.
> Jim

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