Exhaust Fitment ?

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      I have a D & D pipe laying around if you are interested, its left side exit with a round can, some bluing on the header and light pitting on the mid pipe, but the can looks new. I can get you some pics if you want. I originally bought it because my V & H has a dent in the mid pipe, and V & H has been less than helpful in getting a new mid pipe.
      The header is a 4 - 2 - 1 style, I have been meaning to try it out on the Geeper for a while, but after how it ran at the drags last summer I am in no hurry to mess with a good thing.  On an old dunlop 207 tire with nearly stock gearing I was running high 11s with my big arse on it, I had to sand bag the dial in to 12.0 to stay legal for my class. If I geared it down and strapped down the forks I bet it has 11.50s in it.
     There is a guy who runs a Honda 954 to around 10.30 on a street tire, he only weighs about 130, I may have to ask him to give the GPZ a try this year.


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So I've been riding the GPZ a bit this year and decided to rejet it as it's
lways seemed a bit rich.  I recently got a special "high altitude" jet kit
rom dynojet, and I talked with them there and they suggested the standard
stage 1" kit and using the smallest main jets so I ordered that.  Now I'm
ondering if while I'm at it I should replace the exhaust.  Now looking out
n the market I can't seem to find anything but the extremely pricey (and
robably loud) Muzzy system.  I think some of you have V&H pipes but they
on't show a GPZ1100 application anymore.  I've heard that perhaps the ZX11
ipe also fits, is that true?  
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