Still Pondering Exhaust

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Fri Apr 2 19:57:46 PDT 2010

It's looking like I'm open on Sunday but I think Charles needs to go to
Church (and I should as well).  I thought the fan thread I found sounded a
bit extreme.  I looked at the Muzzy site and apparently you can get a
"quiet" baffle at extra cost of course :-(, anything has it's price.  I have
found a SS Muzzy used on ebay and maybe that would be the way to go as I
don't care what the header looks like as it's all under the plastic and then
I could get a new quiet baffle.  I've really gotten used to the quiet of the
GPZ on trips and am only thinking about replacing the exhaust as I've got
the jet kit coming and the GPZ just seems "heavy" since I've been riding my
KLR since the snow melted.  

Charles are you in Denver, I know you gave street names.  Mike where are you
located?  I'm up in Longmont.

Looks like we have the makings for a GPZ get together of one sort or another



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       If you guys want to meet somwhere sunday where I can still be home by
noon you can hear the muzzy and SS2R side by side.
       My bike has had the V & H on it since I have had it and I have never
had an issue with the plastic fan, but if you were idling in traffic, in
Vegas, in july it might be another story.
      Tommorow I may check the pipe diameter and see if I can slip the D & D
can on and see how loud it is compared to the V & H.


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I've got the carbon fibre oval Muzzy on mine, you're welcome to listen
o it if you're around this weekend.  I certain;y wouldn't mind
etting out for a ride on Sunday.  The Muzzy growls a little more than
he SS2R which I'd describe more as raspy.  NOne of them are exactly
quiet" though the oval's are supposed to be quieter than the round.

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