Still Pondering Exhaust

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Sat Apr 3 07:28:02 PDT 2010

That's what I had heard but if I go with the new pipe it'll be a "lifetime"

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I haven't seen any mention of it in the thread so far, but the Muzzy pipe 
requires cutting out a small section of the fairing beneath the engine.  I 
haven't looked hard enough at the other aftermatket headers to notice 
whether or not they all require this.

Paul in Ohio
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> Oh yeah, Charles mentioned that the center stand would look kind of 
> strange
> on the left side with a right side pipe like the SS2R vs. the left exit
> Muzzy.  What's your spin on how the center stand is held in place with the
> V&H pipe?
> Thanks,
> John
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>       If you guys want to meet somwhere sunday where I can still be home 
> by
> noon you can hear the muzzy and SS2R side by side.
>       My bike has had the V & H on it since I have had it and I have never
> had an issue with the plastic fan, but if you were idling in traffic, in
> Vegas, in july it might be another story.
>      Tommorow I may check the pipe diameter and see if I can slip the D & 
> D
> can on and see how loud it is compared to the V & H.
>         Mike
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> John,
> I've got the carbon fibre oval Muzzy on mine, you're welcome to listen
> o it if you're around this weekend.  I certain;y wouldn't mind
> etting out for a ride on Sunday.  The Muzzy growls a little more than
> he SS2R which I'd describe more as raspy.  NOne of them are exactly
> quiet" though the oval's are supposed to be quieter than the round.
> MMV.

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