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John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
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And on another piece of trivia, the 95 GPZ, '93 ZX11C, and '94 ZX11D all
have the same part numbers for all of the exhaust parts according to the
parts lists on Bike Bandit.


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Well FYI to the list, all the Muzzy ZX11 pipes also fit the GPZ, just not
formally listed as such.




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The zx11 exhaust will also fit the 95-GPZ1100 Muzzys currently has the
systems available starting @ $719.95. To order please call Curt @ ext-107
Thank you

Curtis Dorn
Sales & Technical
541-385-0706 ext-107

At 05:04 PM 4/2/2010, you wrote:

I already have a Muzzy adjustable ignition advancer on my '95 GPZ1100 and
love the way it works.  Anyway, I'm looking for an exhaust for the Kawasaki
'95 GPZ1100 and several sources have told me a ZX11C or ZX11D exhaust will
also fit.  Can you confirm the fitment of your ZX11 pipes would be OK on the
GPZ ?  I know the engine bottom ends are the same but wonder if the muffler
mounting is different.

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