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   I'll use the ones that have illegible numbers, I always mic them anyway to
   be sure.
   Bill in Yardley, PA
   wkdenton at
   Apr 6, 2010 01:30:55 AM, gpzlist at wrote:

     Last I knew, as long as the numbers are readable on the old shims (most
     are) Vickerys will trade you staight accross, and since the GPZs are so
     easy to change the shims on you can check them all and make one trip. I
     have a fair assortment, but I do need to run down and swap out some of my
     thicker ones.
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     Darn it!
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     You got 'em. I'll check shipping tomorrow and let you know. Paypal will be
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     'll take 'em Dave. Name your price. Zip is 14420.
     Steve in Western NY
     96 GPZ1100
     08 KLR 650
     08 Tuono Factory
     You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White
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     was going through my garage looking for something and came across my long
     ost shim collection for the GPZ. And since I no longer own one, I'm am
     ffering them up to the list. Anybody wants them, they can have them for
     hipping. I don't know what all sizes there are, but there are a bunch of
     hem in there. First come, first serve. Shipping cost to be determined
     find out where you live.
     Dave D.

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