lowering links or lowering a GPZ

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First of all Hello everyone, I am Randy, & I reside in the mountains of Virginia.
as for the links you have, sure, if they may work I would be interested, & I will measure what my length is, as soon as I have some daylight.
also to answer another question, I am new, not to motorcycles, but to the GPZ, I bought it in January & had to do a few things, & just put it on the road Friday, April 2, & I am under 20 miles from hitting 300 miles, & by tomorrow night I will probably be around 400 miles, if not over since Friday.
money is quite tight right now, but looking for the least expensive way out. it has been a couple of bad weeks, well pump was hit by lightning, & my Toyota truck blew its engine & my other truck broke down, & I am 2 wheeling on the GPZ until I get my Isuzu back on the road.
right now I want to lower it, plus I need to put a new chain on it as I have 2 tight spots & 3 loose spots, sprockets look reasonably ok, & bike has 25,000 or so miles on it. chain is looser than I am comfortable with. but I cant tighten it as the tightest spot is about right for adjustment.
I bought the handle bar risers from Dave Daniels, which I will hopefully install in a couple of weeks, a Corbin saddle would be nice but will be looking for used one as soon as money allows.
The GPZ is my second sport bike, my first was a 2000 Triumph TT600, which I was very unhappy with, it had no torque down low, which is what I need for these mountains. I am not canyon carving, I might drive a little spirited at times, but not hard. 
I am an old school Harley rider, & have rode old Harleys in 25 to 30 states, never owned a Harley newer than 1973, but also hate the upkeep that goes along with riding 20,000 to 40,000 miles a year. & I rode several Kawas when I was young before I got hard into Harleys, & loved the reliability, wife asked me what kind of bike I wanted & I said something either in the likes of an old pre 1977 honda 750 or old Kawa 900 or 1000 or a zx11 or similiar, but it was either a Kawa or 750 sohc hona only for me, & as everyone sees I wound up with a 1996 GPZ1100e in the faster black...... lol... 
 I still love a hand shifted, ape hangered Harley. but for riding some serious miles my wallet cant afford that kind of riding, & I hope I can afford to ride the GPZ that much.
my goal is to put at least 20,000+ miles on the GPZ this year. & for my birthday wife bought me a coats 220 tire changer that was on the local craigslist for $150,, I figure that will same me a little pocket change. 
while money was better we picked up a 5,000 mile, trashed, slid, & left outside & rusted,  zx11d for the tune of $600, figure the motor will be a decent bottom end for this bike in a few years. not sure what other parts will fit, but was worth it to me for a running low mileage engine.
what kind of gas mileage should I expect?  I averaged 49mpg, which is city, hiway, & mountains.

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I've got a pair of brand new dog bones that have 2 adjustment holes. I don't know how much they'll lower it but if you're interested I'll measure the hole spacings and let you know. I'm never going to use them so maybe you can get some use out of them.

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What is the best way to lower the GPZ?
I got it on the road Friday April 2, & I have already managed to get in right at 300 miles, but my 26 inseam I am vertically challenged, I need to lower it a little.
right now I can only get 1 foot flat on the ground at a time, or both feet tip toes, so for safety, it needs lowering so I can get both feet flat on the ground. I am having problems turning it around on my driveway, which is like an old country dirt road with tall center hump, plus my driveway is up side of a mountain nearly 1/2 mile long.
what is recomendations? anyone have a used lowering link? or? 
Thank you,


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