Stock Carb OD for Pod Filters

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Tue Apr 6 20:06:57 PDT 2010

Wow, these are more than the jet kit!!!  Guess it's been a few years since I
paid ~$85 for four of these things for an '85 FJ1100.  I'll probably go with
the K&N unless I can find a knock off for half....or wait, I just bought a
used header, guess the cheapness gene inherent in GPZ owners (unlike ZX14
owners) is kicking in ;-)

Cheers guys, work cuts into my day, 


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K&N RC-0984

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> Gents,
> I really don't want to rip the air box off to measure the carbs (yet as 
> the
> jet kit hasn't arrived yet).  Anybody know a K&N Pod P/N or what the OD of
> the stock carbs is?  The plan right now is to put in the dynojet kit, add
> the Pods (as we have zero air up here), and Andy's Jardine 4:1 when it
> arrives.
> Thanks,
> John
> Mike I decided to forgo the carb upgrade as this is, after all, just a GPZ
> ;-)

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