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I had new tire mounted to the front of the GPZ before I got my changer, & tire & mounting was $110, I still say ouch!. if I wanted to pop in to Harley shop I used to work at 45 miles away I could use the changer & balancer for free, but I would get ribbed for having a Kawa.
2 coats 220 tire changers came up on my local craigslist within 30 days, 1 was $400 & it sold in 2 days, the other was for $150 & included accessories & was snatched up hours after it was posted, especially since it was 10 miles from my job! lol I have the tall grippers, for changing tires with wide pulleys or offsetts, plus the stock grippers, plus he included the gel bead sealer, but on stubborn tires I was always bad for just using gasoline.
about 3 lid fulls from a soda bottle of gas dribbled around the bead, use a 8 or so foot stick with a lit match attached to end of stick, & touch the gas & pop! the tire is seated then hook air to the the valve stem & inflate to proper pressure... I have done hundreds of tires... safe.... not really.......... but works like a charm & is easy compared to seeing some people fight to seat a stubborn tire. some ties can work you to death, why waste 1/2 an hour or more? humph! if wont seat nearly instantly I go for gas. lol
truckers have a 3 inch valve quick on connectors with a upside down funnel, inflate 8 gallon tank & insert the funnel & hit the valve & pop it inflates tire quickly by dumping lots of air fast. safer by far.....

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No where in town, I've mail ordered since I moved to CO, still cheaper,
easier to just buy what I want and have installed.  When I lived in San Jose
there was a great place that would charge a "reasonable" price for tires
including mount and balance.  Every shop I've called in Denver (not totally
exhaustive) has charged rapist prices for the tires and some even have the
gaul to charge mounting on top!  I figure tires are a loss leader for a
dealership but I don't own a shop, just been buying tires for 30 years ;-)

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OTD used to be excel motorsport in Denver. They had the "buy the rear,get
the front free" Hey John, where is a good place in town these days for
inexpensive tires?

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Welcome Randy! So, I am in need of new tires. I have always taken my bikes
to OTD on colfax for new rubber. Always seemed reasonable. I wouldnt mind
shopping around this year. Any suggestions? 

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Heh Randy welcome to the GPZ list, glad to read your intro as it's getting
ready to snow tonight again out here and I put the GPZ outside to sort parts
in the garage and with the 60+ mph wind gusts we're getting I'm leaving it
outside tonight!

Sounds like you got yourself a good bike for dependable riding and several
of us on this list can understand the $$$ situation, that's why divorce is
worth it (not you, but us!).

You have good taste in first generation sport bikes.  I started the Honda
SOHC750 Owner's Group, you can google it but I'm not there much anymore as I
moved on, bike-wise.  Used to actually have in my garage one of every F
model 750 Honda made, 75, 76, 77, and 78.  Later I raced in WERA and AHRMA
on a '76F Superbike (actually an 836 WISECO engine) which had all of the
goodies they had in the day.  I sold that to a collector ~ 2 years ago when
I moved from Boulder, CO to Longmont.

You also have good taste in later model Kawasaki's in that you picked up
that ZX11.  I'm talking to a guy out here that has a cheap low miles D model
engine that I might harvest the cams out of, sell the head and seal up the
bottom end for later use, just like you.

You had an early modern Truimph, too bad, but probably fun none the less.
The newer triples are pretty neat on the low end as well as the high end.  A
buddy of mine has one and let me ride it, pretty sweet!

Wish I had the room for a tire changer.  That was one of our breakfast
discussions on Sunday, the cheapest place to get tires put on, go figure.

Ask anything you want on this list, eventually you'll get an answer but it
can be slow at times.  New blood like you get's the post level up!



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First of a

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