A GPZ moment

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Wed Apr 7 19:03:48 PDT 2010

So Charles and I have been talking about GPZ's in general, look-wise, etc.
lately so I have to share this.  I work out of my house so I'm usually done
by 3PM each day and I hadn't been out since Sunday so I decided to run down
to my old watering hole in Boulder today ~ 5PM for a very late lunch.  I
walked into the establishment and took off my helmet and the bartender lady
(who is a beautiful young lady, whereas I am old and have no haIr) says,
"....John, I didn't know that was you, that bike is so hot!"  I am not
making this up.  I then explained to her the details of the GPZ sales in US,
vs. EU, and it being a "stealth" ZX11 NINJA, and you know what, she liked it
even more!!!  Maybe these things are getting more artistic or whatever.
Jacky has seen my Vrod and my KLR and never acted like this, as she
apparently had never seen me ride up on the GPZ.




John (Thank gawd I didn't buy a ZX14 to attract 30 something women, would
have been a waste of money ;-)

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