Armchair diagnostics- hard warm start

Ped pedmail at
Mon Apr 12 12:23:20 PDT 2010

Den 12-04-2010 18:32, Don Wilcox skrev:
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> BUT... it still won't start after being run. Turns over with vigor, but
> won't fire, dammit. Tried so long I did weaken the battery significantly,
> but no dice. Ended up jumping it off a buddies truck, and first stab brought
> it to life with no drama.


Have you tried to turn the petcock to 'prime' for a few seconds, and 
then back to 'on' before cranking? If it has been sitting in the sun for 
at while with a hot engine fuel may have vaporized from the carbs and 
left the float height so low that it won't fire until it has been 
cranked and new fuel allowed to flow to the carbs. Mine does just that 
and I turn it to prime routinely. Could be worth trying.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

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