Armchair diagnostics- hard warm start

Les Johnson jjohnsonlta at
Mon Apr 12 17:05:28 PDT 2010


    I'll bet it's your battery. Somewhat similar goings on with mine.
Would not start after warmed up. Turned over strong but would not fire
at all. Replaced battery now all been fine.

    Les J

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 9:32 AM, Don Wilcox <leanintree at> wrote:
> Update:
> As of yesterday, carb idle screws have been reset to 2.5 turns out across
> the board (with the assistance of the Mrs. and a number of 4 letter words).
> Now I see why you guys always said the GPZ is so smooth... OMFG... perfect
> fuel metering right at 4000rpm, smooth pull from 3000 to 9000. No hiccups,
> almost no burble on the deceleration. Wow. I started it with one stab, and
> was able to turn off the choke within 10 seconds. Hasn't been like that in
> years.
> BUT... it still won't start after being run. Turns over with vigor, but
> won't fire, dammit. Tried so long I did weaken the battery significantly,
> but no dice. Ended up jumping it off a buddies truck, and first stab brought
> it to life with no drama.
> Took it home, and tried to restart (still *sounded* like it was turning over
> strongly), but nothing. Put it on the charger, and BOOM, instant start with
> no drama.
> I then pulled the battery, puled out the multimeter, and it showed 12.35VDC.
> I then did what they say NOT to, ie: pull the caps and top off the battery
> with distilled water. It was significantly low. Slapped it back on the
> charger (at high amp) for a couple of hours (checking for boiling battery
> syndrome every half hour). Unfortunately, my multimeter croaked yesterday as
> well, so original reading of 12.35VDC is suspect as well.
> I tried starting this morning on a lark, and although it turns strongly, no
> vroom. I did look a the battery, and I dont' remember buying a Yuasa in the
> last 10 years, so I'm pretty sure that I HAVEN'T replaced the battery in the
> last 5.
> Would a low battery still be able to spin the starter with authority, while
> NOT being able to start the bike? Or am I goign to be chasing a different
> gremlin?
> Don in GJ

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