Insurance Cost

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Wed Apr 14 03:32:54 PDT 2010

<<I just insured my GPZ at the beginning of April for $95 a year for 
laibility, plus uninsured, plus theft coverage.

I checked them for the heck of it for a 2009 ZX14 with full coverage, $308 a 
year. a local dealer has tried to entice me with a new ZX14 & offered it to 
me for $9,600 & asked me to come in & maybe can work on that price some 

I am with Progressive & 43 years old & I live in rural mountains of VA & 
have a perfect driving record, no ticket in last 10 years & only 2 in 
lifetime. of 27 years driving & riding.


Randy I haven't had a ticket since 1982. Insurance rates vary by region and 
state. NY metro area is very high and New Jersey I believe is the highest in 
the nation yet, with NY right behind them.

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Author of "Help! They're all out to get me!
The Motorcyclists Guide to Surviving the Everyday World!" 

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