Insurance Cost

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Thu Apr 15 11:12:04 PDT 2010

Agreed, I'm coming up on the two anniversary of my last GPZ related speedind
ticket ;-)

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Wow!  Randy, that is exemplary and outstanding!  How can you ride a GPz1100
and not have a speeding ticket?
Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA

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I just insured my GPZ at the beginning of April for $95 a year for
lus uninsured, plus theft coverage.

 checked them for the heck of it for a 2009 ZX14 with full coverage, $308 a 
ear. a local dealer has tried to entice me with a new ZX14 & offered it to
or $9,600 & asked me to come in & maybe can work on that price some more. 

 am with Progressive & 43 years old & I live in rural mountains of VA & have
erfect driving record, no ticket in last 10 years & only 2 in lifetime. of
ears driving & riding.

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 have liability only for $75 per year
Dennis Peterson
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> <<Hmm... interesting.  I've had my GPZ for almost 6 years now and it's
 steady at..... $166 per year, in California, no less.
 I do have just 50/100/50 coverage, liability & uninsured only (no
 I have similar coverage on my GPZ and its about 180 a year in NY
 Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
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