Anyone on the left coast interested

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Sat Apr 17 12:19:01 PDT 2010

Good luck on that Andy.  I tried to sell mine last year (really glad I
didn't actually) for $3500 asking and the bike only 3200 miles on it then,
corbin seat, Givi Trunk, stainless lines, etc.  Didn't get one single call,
and then it occurred to me I couldn't replace it for much less than 3X as
much for a new bike.  That's why I decided to keep mine and just upgrade.
I've seen a lot of liter bikes going really cheap out here.  Case in
point...check this out for $2500 :


PS: I got the header muffler on, real tight down by the center stand and
shifter linkage.  Did you keep the rubber boot on the rear of the shifter
linkage?  I'm thinking I may take it off as I'm afraid it'll melt.

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yep, this would be mine - the one that got a whopping 100 miles on it since
this time last year...  probably a little high on price, but we'll see.

hope you all enjoy riding this weekend!
andy b


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