Jardine and rejet SUCCESS!!!

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Tue Apr 20 11:20:24 PDT 2010

That's what I was looking for an aftermarket "stock" filter as I'd like to
keep the airbox but have a more durable replacement.  I figured since they
sold a lot more GPZ's in Europe somebody might know if there is an overseas
source to the OEM unit.


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There are no other types of filter available that I know of other than K&N
pods. There are a couple of after market replacements for the stock filter


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Well long story short, I've got the GPZ running pretty good and it only took
~ 6 hours of messing with the carbs and airbox, which isn't too bad when you
start with a jet kit that isn't high altitude ready.  I probably screwed
things up by pulling out the "silencer" which looked like the world's worst
restrictor of air which is so precious up here.  Mike at Dynojet was really
nice and wanted me to put it back in and switch to 100 mains from the 104's
that were in it.  Personally I didn't want to yank those carbs off again,
nor restrict my air,  so I decided to do a seat-of-the-pants stage 3 kit,
which basically means I wanted to get as much air in this engine as
possible.  So I found I could pull the caps off the top of the carbs without
removing them so I could mess with the needle.  It took multiple trial runs,
but I ended up richening the needle setting to it's highest point, no more
adjustment left.  So I made a few mild runs and even with the side cover
off, exposing the filter element, it's running as good as it did stock, but
with more bark, less weight and seat of the pants say's it spools up faster,
we'll see.


Charles do you recall if the shop modified your airbox???  I'd love to see
if your bike still has that restrictor plate in the intake.


This will do for this summer but I'll be looking for a set of flat slides on
ebay if they come along :-)


Any of our EU friends out there know of an aftermarket, aka K&N like filter
that fits in the stock air box?  If I don't change the carbs, I really like
airboxes for real world long distance bikes, but that stock element just
looks cheesy and is probably hideously expensive.


We'll get 'er on the road tomorrow.





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