Spark plug gaskets?

Patrick Thompson iamthedoc at
Mon Apr 26 04:37:55 PDT 2010

Your right, that is what I saw. Luckily diddnt have to deal with that this time around.

1KPerDay <1kperday at> wrote:

>You're probably thinking of the spark plug hole gaskets, commonly called
>"figure 8" gaskets, that surround the spark plug holes. If you're removing
>the valve cover, you should probably replace them as they'll eventually get
>old and you'll start getting oil leaking into your spark plug holes and
>fouling the plugs. If you're just replacing the spark plugs and not messing
>with the valves/cover, and you're not seeing any oil leaking into the holes,
>you're fine. BTW use some compressed air to blow out the spark plug holes
>BEFORE removing your old plugs. Get the dust/crap/crud out of there before
>you open a big hole by removing the plugs. :)
>On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 8:21 PM, Patrick <iamthedoc at> wrote:
>> I saw something online when searching for plugs that mentioned gaskets, the
>> picture was of some odd gaskets that I have never seen before?
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