Hello, Is anyone home?

Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Fri Aug 6 10:43:15 PDT 2010

While you're travelling around the mountains you might want to keep your 
eyes open as there is supposed to be a lost treasure in the Wolf Creek 
Pass/Durango area.
I may take a run to Penetanguishene Sunday or Monday.  My son and his family 
are going to visit my daughter.  Maybe we can all invade my sister at her 
cottage in the 30,000 islands in Georgian Bay.
I haven't been on the bike since the tornado/earthquake day.  Just had the 
XL250R out a couple of times.  With the Ottawa River at the lowest I've seen 
it in 40 years we have tidal flats in front of the cottage.  I can ride down 
stream about 1.5 km before I come to a jumble of boulders where the rapids 
start.  I can get up stream about the same distance where I got stopped by a 
swamp with axle deep loon shit.  I had to leave my boots out in the rain to 
both clean and deodorize them.
Got cheese bread to get out of the oven.


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> I'm hoping everyone is out riding and having a great summer, because
> this list is dead.
> Not much to report for me.  Just got back from a family vacation week
> in Durango and will likely ride the GPZ there and back next weekend.
> Too much fresh new pavement between Durango, Silverton and Ouray to
> ignore and I want to get some corners in this season.  I've cancelled
> my around the state GPZ ride in favor of spending a week camping out
> and exploring the high mountain passes around Silverton, Ouray, and
> Telluride on my WR450.  Should be fun.
> BTW, the Oxford heated grips work extremely well and my installation
> issue turned out to be a bent pin.  Once I straightened the pin, they
> work very well and I am very satisfied with the performance.  I'll
> give them a more thorough test riding to Durango and back in a
> weekend.  :)
> Charles S.
> 95 GPZ1100
> 03 WR450
> 00 KX250
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