Hello, Is anyone home?

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Tue Aug 17 10:02:17 PDT 2010

Love my .357 "Lady Smith", light, effective, shots cheap .38 special in a

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Shh...don't tell my boss.  He won't let me use a pic of it as the background
on my computer.

I got a Ruger P95PR - 9mm semi-auto, synthetic frame.

Here's a BIG pic of it (the one my boss won't let me use)

I'm still learning how to hit what I attempt to aim at, but I can get most
of the shots on the paper at 25yards.  Grouping will come with practice.

i also broke out my old Glenfield Mod 25 .22 rifle I bought when I was
sixteen.   Poor thing hadn't seen a bullet in over 20 years, and only had
MAYBE 30 rounds through it ever!  Fires straight and true, and I can group 7
out of 8 under a quarter at 25 yards.  Now that i've got a new scope for it,
I'm gonna start pushing back to 50+ yards.
here's a pic of my Glenfield (with the old scope) with my grandfather's old
Sears, Roebuck .22 rifle from the '50s which I am trying to get working

Does that satisfy the gun pr0n for now?

Michael in Holley, NY

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Ok, you can't drop a statement like that without at least TELLING us what
you got. 'm pretty sure this list is full of folks who are always up for a
little gun pr0n.

Don in GJ

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